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Our latest blog explores factors impacting women’s compensation in the sector: the ‘care penalty’, the gender wage gap and benefits packages.

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If you wish to build a strong and resilient nonprofit sector, consider becoming an ONN Connector and joining dozens of other organizing showing their sector leadership, like these two Connectors:

Community Foundations of Canada, the national network for community foundations, helps Canadians invest in making our communities better places to live, work and play. CFC is championing the issues that matter to Canadians with an eye on the change we can make, now and for future generations. 

The Metcalf Foundation, one of Canada’s leading private foundations, enhances the effectiveness of people and organizations working together in order to help Canadians imagine and build a just, healthy, and creative society.

Election advocacy continues

We at ONN have been advocating on issues relevant to the sector at large and are currently analyzing party announcements and platforms, sharing advocacy resources, and setting up meetings with party officials and leaders.

We’re pleased to hear about nonprofits in our network engaging their local candidates and communities on issues as diverse as environmental protection, transit, housing, pharmacare, and arts funding. Two recent election advocacy examples:

Know the third-party advertising rules

There are new Elections Ontario rules in place for “third party advertisers.” These rules apply to anyone who spends over $500 on paid advertising on issues that political parties or candidates take a position on.

We are interested in hearing from our network on whether your decision to engage in advocacy has been affected by these new rules or whether your organization has been subject to a new administrative burden because of them. Please let us know via info@theonn.ca. Your stories regarding the impact of this bill will shape our post-election advocacy to propose any needed amendments to the act.

Tell us how new Employment Standards legislation is affecting your nonprofit social enterprise

ONN has been working with our network to ensure that provincially funded nonprofits receive adjustments to their agreements to reflect new costs associated with the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act (Bill 148), including the higher minimum wage and leave provisions. And we know that small businesses received a $500 million package of support in the fall. But what about nonprofit social enterprises that get the majority of their funding from earned income?

  • Let us know if your organization is affected by the legislation -- and if you have ideas for how public policy can mitigate these impacts.

  • On our Bill 148 webpage, you can view webinars, slide presentations and answers to common questions regarding how to implement the Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs Act in your nonprofit. We thank Rebecca Stulberg and Natasha Persaud for contributing their legal expertise and insight on the Bill 148 webinar series.

Ontario Government releases Transfer Payment Operational Policy

The Treasury Board Secretariat has released the final Operational Policy for ministries to accompany the 2017 Transfer Payment Accountability DirectiveONN is pleased with the overall direction of the policy (effective May 1, 2018) but we do have some concerns.

Police Record Checks consultation conducted

In April 2018, the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services consulted on two regulatory proposals that would enable the Ontario Government to proclaim the Police Record Checks Reform Act (2015). The regulations would elaborate on the exemptions permitted to the new rules and govern various operational considerations such as how appeals can be made. ONN submitted a response that was generally supportive of the regulatory proposals but pointed out the need to address fees and timelines for processing police record checks, including for volunteers.

ONN will continue to press the Ontario government to complete the regulatory framework under the Police Record Checks Reform Act to ensure that fees, timelines and other processing barriers are addressed.

Pension consultations

The Ontario Government is consulting on changes to pension regulations. ONN will respond to the consultation on funding rules for Multi-Employer Pension Plans (MEPPs) that offer target benefits by pointing out that the regulatory framework overlooks the opportunity for target benefit MEPPs to be offered in non-unionized environments, including the vast majority of Ontario nonprofit workplaces. The consultation closes on May 4. The government is also consulting on permitting the payment of variable benefits from defined-contribution pension plans. This consultation also closes on May 4.

Federal private member’s bill on community benefits passes

Congratulations to Buy Social Canada, Imagine Canada, MP Ramesh Sanga, and coalition partners that encouraged MPs to support Bill C-344, which allows social value to be considered in federal infrastructure investments via community benefit provisions.

Federal-provincial-territorial statement on new housing partnership

On April 9, federal, provincial and territorial housing ministers met to endorse a multilateral Housing Partnership Framework to advance the National Housing Strategy and set the foundation for governments to work together to achieve a long-term shared vision for housing. The statement addresses shared responsibility for housing, the involvement of other sectors, data-sharing, and programs to be delivered under the framework.

Private member’s bill could impose new privacy requirements on nonprofits

In late March, the Ontario Legislature granted first and second reading to a private member’s bill, the Personal Information Protection Act, 2018 (Bill 14). ONN will monitor the progress of this bill (and any successor bills) that would apply new rules to all nonprofits (including unincorporated associations and nonprofits) regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information unless the information is already subject to similar federal or provincial privacy laws.

Low-income rural household data

The Rural Ontario Institute has released its third set of Focus on Rural Ontario Fact Sheets, examining the extent of children and seniors living in low-income households in rural Ontario. 

National Forum

Learn from the experiences of real users of nonprofit specific enterprise solutions. See the best that vendors are offering today in unique comparison sessions, and discover how blockchain, AI, IoT and more can boost the performance and sustainable long-term impact of your organization.

  • CPA Canada National Forum on Technology Solutions
  • May 28-29, 2018, Toronto, ON
  • Register today

ODSP and arts grants

The ODSP Action Coalition has prepared a brochure that explains the exemption for arts grants received by people on ODSP.

Computer support

Renewed Computer Technology is a charity that provides renewed, basic computers for free to nonprofits and charities. Since 1993, they’ve refurbished and donated 1.4 million computers.

  • Contact Jule Bedeau (JBedeau@rcto.ca, 416 646 5753) to find out how they can provide your organization with a free, basic desktop computer or an upgraded package (for a nominal fee)


Federal funding for accessibility

The Government of Canada has opened up applications to its 2018 round of the Enabling Accessibility Fund to helps nonprofits and others with the cost of improving the accessibility of buildings.

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