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Thursday, June 5, 2014                                                                                     

The three provincial leaders have cleared the last public hurdle of the campaign and departed for the final lap leading up to June 12th. With a large number of Ontarians in the undecided category and the Liberal and PCs running very close, the debate was a critical opportunity for the parties to win over voters.

ONN watched closely for messages related to the nonprofit sector and commitments to our communities. Find out what happened here.

Other election highlights

ONN's 5 Priorities in the news

Our five priorities were part of this morning's Queen's Park Today campaign update.

PCs release paper on helping disadvantaged Ontarians

The PCs have released a paper detailing how their jobs plan would help disadvantaged Ontarians: "focusing on the private sector job creation and balanced budgets if the only way to protect frontline services for all Ontarians."

Million Jobs Plan Will Close the Opportunity Gap for Disadvantaged 

Latest aggregate polling numbers for all parties: http://www.threehundredeight.com

Election Views and Tools

Check out our Election page for the latest tools nonprofits have released, and find out what they're saying about the election and the priorities for the specific sector. Click here to get up to speed. 

Election day is just one week from now!



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