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            August 11, 2016                                                                                                               

If the muggy heat of summer has you sweating, fret not! We've got lots of cool new things to share with you, from fresh blogs, to evaluation releases, to Nonprofit Driven conference sessions. So grab your phone, tablet, or laptop and splay out in front of a nice blast of AC (or an open window) to read about these exciting updates!

What We Learned From Talking Evaluation to Funders

by Andrew Taylor and Ben Liadsky

In recent months, we’ve been talking with funders (including private foundations, public foundations and funders, government, and corporate funders) about evaluation. We’ve learned that, by and large, they are very interested in evaluation and see it as an important tool for learning and action.

Evaluation comic 3.0. Oranges to apples: Measuring what counts

by Ben Liadsky

evaluation comic 3 crop.png

With two comics done, we naturally felt that our third comic should focus on fruit. Indeed, as we note in the first frame, fruit is part of a healthy community. Yet, as with all our comics, this one has many layers. 

Our 2020 Vision for Nonprofit Evaluation: Let’s Be Bold!

by Andrew Taylor and Ben Liadsky

When it comes to the fundamental questions about why evaluation matters and what makes it useful, there really isn’t much disagreement. People find evaluation useful when it helps to answer questions that matter, involves a spirit of collaboration and trust between stakeholders, and leads to action.

Our 2020 Vision for Nonprofit Evaluation is an attempt to more clearly articulate a strong shared vision about what nonprofits want evaluation to be and do.  

New Sessions Confirmed For Nonprofit Driven 2016

The Nonprofit Driven 2016 Agenda

Evaluation. Funding reform. Decent work. A sector-wide pension plan. And much more.

Nonprofit Driven will feature a wide range of sessions on topics that are current, forward thinking and action oriented. Conference sessions are organized into three streams: Horizons, Strategies, and Tactics. From big picture thinking, to strategies playing out right now, to skills and tools for the work nonprofits do every day, Nonprofit Driven has something for all levels of leadership. Check out the great sessions we've lined up so far!

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Bill 201: Provide Your Input On Legislation Affecting Ontario Nonprofits

ONN has taken action and intervened on legislation that has passed and is still under consideration. The Ontario legislature is considering  Bill 201, Election Finances Statute Law Amendment Act, 2016. The proposed bill is similar to the Municipal Elections Modernization Act, 2016  in that it would restrict nonprofit participation in public policy debate during election campaigns. We expect significant amendments to the bill at the standing committee stage and ONN will ask for an amendment that would ensure nonprofits can continue to participate in the democratic process. At this time the bill is under consideration by the Standing Committee on General Government. You can send them a letter until August 15.

Survey Report: ONN Pensions Task Force - Nonprofit Sector Survey

The Task Force directed ONN to conduct a survey to seek nonprofit sector input regarding pension needs. The survey was conducted over two weeks in June 2016 and we were happy to receive 375 responses. This report provides highlights on what we heard in the survey.

ONN and the Task Force are thrilled at the response rate to this survey, and we greatly appreciate the time and effort our network invested in providing feedback. We are also pleased to see how many people recognize the need for improving the retirement income security of our sector's workers. ONN’s next steps on this initiative are to lead focus groups with people in our sector and meetings with existing pension plan providers in Ontario in order to further inform the Task Force decision-making. We’ll also be providing key updates on the ONN pension plan during our Nonprofit Driven 2016 session, A road map to a sector-wide pension plan.

Ontario Trillium Foundation Funding Framework for Ontario150
ONN submitted a letter to Hon. Eleanor McMahon, Minister of Tourism, Culture & Sport, raising concerns about the funding framework recently announced by the Ontario Trillium Foundation for Ontario150 funding. Our primary concerns are that funding previously dedicated to the nonprofit sector will now also be available to large municipalities and the private sector; the likelihood that this one-time fund will not be renewed-- leaving a $25M cut in funding to nonprofits; and the possibility that new barriers will be created for community-based nonprofits because of the matching requirements for capital funding and the practice of “budget testing.”

Vision & Principles for Evaluation in Ontario’s Nonprofit Sector

Principles - cropped 2.jpg

In this brand new resource we offer you a vision and set of principles for evaluation. Our 2020 Vision for Nonprofit Evaluation articulates what a strong shared vision for useful evaluation can and should be. Our Principles to Help Us Get to Useful Evaluation will help to identify some practical basics for a nonprofit audience regarding how an evaluation process should unfold.

Our Evaluation Comic 3.0 (And we need your ideas for the fourth!)

The latest comic in our evaluation comic series highlights an issue we have heard a lot about from the sector. When nonprofits are asked to measure that which is not relevant to them, there can be confusion, frustration, and even a little bit of manipulation all in an attempt to satisfy requirements.

Calling all comic enthusiasts

We’ve had a lot of fun trying to express the nuances of the issues that can arise in evaluation. Now, we’d like to turn it over to you! Do you have an issue with evaluation that you’ve always thought would make for a great comic? If so, we want to see what you’ve got. Whether you’re a professional artist or a side-of-the-desk doodler, we invite you to share your visual creations with us.

Using either pen or pencil & paper or your computer, we invite you to create your own evaluation comic and share it with us in one of two ways:

1. Send your creation in an email to Ben: ben@theonn.ca

2. Tweet your creation at us @o_n_n with the hashtag #RethinkEval


A How-To Guide for Government Consultations with the Nonprofit Sector

ONN has produced a guide for government representatives who would like to seek out the perspectives of Ontario’s nonprofit and charitable sector. It provides an overview of the broad scope of the nonprofit sector’s work, opportunities to consult the sector throughout the policy and program cycle, and principles of engagement. Share this great resource with your government partners!

Six Things You Need to Know about the Lobbyists Registration Act
Do you have paid staff? Do you contact the Ontario Government, MPPs, and/or provincial agencies, boards and commissions on a regular basis? You need to know about changes taking place to the Lobbyists Registration Act on July 1, 2016.

Check out our briefing note to the sector and see whether these changes apply to your nonprofit organization.

Changing Workplace Interim Report Released - Ontario Seeking Input

Last month, the Ontario government release its Changing Workplace Review Interim Report that outlines the review's findings to date on ways the Labour Relations Act, 1995, and Employment Standards Act, 2000, could enhance protections for workers and supports for business in Ontario's evolving workforce.

Provide feedback on the interim report via e-mail or mail-in submissions. The deadline for submissions is October 14, 2016.

Introducing the Toronto Sector Skills Academy

To address the growing interest and need for sector-focused workforce development, the Metcalf Foundation is establishing the Toronto Sector Skills Academy. Its goal is to build the capacity of local leaders to grow, strengthen, and sustain sector strategies within the city. This leadership program is the first of its kind in Canada, and is offered by Metcalf in partnership with the Aspen Institute.

Toronto Sector Skills Academy applications will be accepted on or before September 15, 2016 by 5pm. For the application and guidelines, please click here.

Chris Ramsaroop: When Food Workers Are Treated Like Property, They Have A Friend In Him - The Globe and Mail

In this first installment of the five-part Globe series, The Food 53, Corey Mintz profiles Chris Ramsaroop, the founder of Justice for Migrant Workers.

“Here in farm country, people don’t have the day off. Most workers here are on eight-month contracts, brought here from mainly Mexico and the Caribbean through the federal Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. During that time, they work six days a week, 10 hours a day. They don’t get stat holidays. They don’t get overtime pay.”

Now Is The Time For Social Innovation - Policy Options

“The Trudeau government took office last fall announcing it would reverse Canada’s lagging productivity and competitiveness by investing in social innovation. But it has broken new ground by stating that for its social innovation strategy to succeed, it will require greater collaboration across all ministries as well as between government, industry and research institutions. And it is calling for social innovation across all government departments.” Marguerite Mendell explores for Policy Options.

Reconstructing Philanthropy from the Outside In - Stanford Social Innovation Review

“Let’s call restricted dollars—funds that are subject to limits based on purpose, time, or specified means for achieving an end—what they really are: quite damaging dollars (QDDs). This encompasses the myriad of ways funders and donors constrict their funding, including a lack of general operating support, and limits on administration and overhead.” Paul Shoemaker explores for the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

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