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Friday, December 19, 2014                                                                    


2014 is a wrap! What’s on our plates for the start of 2015

It’s the end of another productive year at ONN! We’re grateful to have worked with and supported you, our awesome community builders. Together we are stronger, and have made significant strides including provincial election engagement, anti-spam advocacy, labour force planning, police record checks legislation and much more!

But wait- before you close up this year’s files and take a well-deserved break, here’s what’s happening off the top of 2015 that will affect the sector:

2015 Ontario Pre-Budget Submission

We’re working on our submission to the Minister of Finance for the 2015 provincial budget, which we’ll share with the network soon.

Pre-budget submissions can be sent to the Ministry here, and consultations will happen in late January- we’ll keep you posted on dates.

Share it: If your organization is making a submission, let us know. We’ll share on our website to showcase the voices of the sector and what areas are especially important for the 2015 budget and beyond. Email sarah@theonn.ca or tweet at us @o_n_n.

Get strategic: We’re hosting a budget “boot camp” webinar on January 14. Sign up today to find out how the budget process works, how it affects nonprofits, and ways you can leverage participation in your year-round work.

Bill 8 and executive compensation- Are nonprofits vulnerable?

The Ontario Government has passed legislation to regulate salaries in the Broader Public Sector which are over $100,000. While the Government has recognized that the “core” community nonprofit sector falls outside of this scope, we want commitment that now, and in the future, regulations will not be used to extend the reach of the Act to the community nonprofit sector. We’ve sent a letter to Minister Deb Matthews, President of the Treasury Board, outlining our concerns and will keep you posted. As we all know, each nonprofit is governed by a community-led Board of Directors that is already responsible for decisions on compensation.

Ontario Registered Pension Plan (ORPP)

The provincial government announced on December 8 that it’s moving forward with legislation for a made-in-Ontario pension plan, with a commitment to have it in place by January 1, 2017. The mandatory ORPP would set a 1.9% contribution each by employers and employees, for those who don’t have equivalent pension plans.

ONN recently attended a meeting on the ORPP with Associate Minister of Finance, Mitzie Hunter, and other sector organizations.  The Ontario Government has just released a consultation paper with more details of the ORPP, and how you can make provide feedback (deadline is Feb. 13). Consultations will be held in January.

We're working to understand the impact on Ontario’s nonprofit sector. We know there are sector folks organizing around this topic. Is your organization working on analysis, or reaction to an Ontario pension plan? See Ways to Engage below.

Ontario Government- “Program Review, Renewal and Transformation”

The Deputy Premier alluded to change coming at ONN Conference 2014, as she challenged nonprofits to focus on the people they serve, not their organizations. Watch Minister Matthews’ presentation here. On Nov. 17, Minister of Finance Charles Sousa announced a comprehensive program review would be taking place through the Treasury Board which has formed a sub-committee to review programs. Read more details in the Fall Statement on the Budget. We have our eyes and ears peeled for updates on what may happen in the new year and how this could impact the sector. If you’re working on this area or have news to share, let us know.

Ways to Engage: Share your reactions, ways you’re working on these areas, or your musings on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or good ol’ email: sarah@theonn.ca.

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