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      July 5, 2017                                                       



New report launch! Join us on July 19th at our lunchtime webinar to dig into ONN's brand new report on nonprofit leaders of the future and the skills they'll need.

This report is based on the past six months of literature reviews and research with key informants to uncover how leadership needs are changing for nonprofits and charities. We'll share the seven main themes of leadership organizations should be aware of for successful nonprofits and charities into the future.

Find out which skill sets you already have in your organization, and which ones you will want to build up, depending on the stage of your organization. On the professional development side, what skill sets do you need to advance your career? Which ones do you know you possess, and which ones can you build?

Don't miss the chance to hear directly from the report researchers, ask questions about the findings and support your action plan for leadership and professional development. Plus, take away some eye-catching tools to share with your team, and networks.

Date: Wednesday, July 19

Time: 12:00pm- 1:00pm

Cost: $30 for ONN members/ $60 for nonmembers Presenters: Peter Clutterbuck and Caryl Arundel, ONN consultants and research leads



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