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      August 3, 2017                                                       


Let’s share data!

This is a week focused on leadership, with ONN’s new leadership report. As part of our labour force planning work, we are always keen to learn more - especially when it comes to leadership development and sustainability. Please read on and participate in two valuable surveys for the sector. We encourage Ontario nonprofits across the sector to participate.

Succession planning in Ontario’s nonprofit sector: ONESTEP survey

Deadline: August 21, 2017

The Ontario Network of Employment Skills and Training Projects (ONESTEP) is researching and developing a strategic framework for succession planning to be able to provide community based nonprofit organizations with strategic guidance and practical steps to prepare for and manage the succession of executives, including senior department directors and board of directors.

Your policies, practices, ideas and experiences will be valuable to inform the study. The insight of nonprofits will be instrumental to developing an understanding of how strategic succession planning can better serve our organizations and the nonprofit sector as a whole.

It is open to all nonprofits in Ontario, including senior leadership, board members, and employees who are involved with human resources/succession planning.

ONESTEP will release a summary report of the data, which ONN will share with our network.

Deadline: September 1, 2017

ONN is pleased to support the Boland Survey as a distribution partner. As part of our ongoing support of labour force planning for the nonprofit sector, we encourage organizations to participate in the survey.

The Boland Survey has provided the Canadian nonprofit sector with compensation data for 20 years. Human resource professionals, executive directors/CEOs, and board members look to the regional reports for annual data on salary trends and predictions, benefits, and human resource practices needed to make informed compensation decisions. This is the only survey in Canada that includes annual and equivalent hourly rates for the nonprofit sector. It is nowbeing administered by the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations.

This survey will provide valuable information both for our individual organizations and the Ontario nonprofit sector’s one million labour force. ONN will use the summary data for Ontario to inform our work around a labour force strategy for the sector.

Let’s get valuable data for Ontario! Please share far and wide with your networks. Survey results are only made available to participating organization. Information provided will include salary ranges, pension contributions, overtime, turnover, training budgets, and more.

There is no cost to participate, but organizations must participate if they intend to purchase a report.

Learn more and register below for the 2017 survey!




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