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             Wednesday, August 19, 2015                                                                       

This election provides nonprofits with a chance to kick start an important conversation we need to have as a sector: what role does- and should- nonprofits play in democracy? How can the nonprofit sector build a healthier democracy?

That’s the question we asked ourselves as we began to dream up a new resource to boldly and passionately articulate the role nonprofits play in democracy.

Launching: Nonprofits Step Up
ONN and Samara Canada believe leadership is key. Together we’ve created a brand new infographic to put these bold statements into an eye-catching narrative we hope resonates with you and your work. We want to tell this story collectively and we need your help to do it:
  • 3 ways nonprofits can step up
  • The Magic 6: Nonprofits and their unique roles in democracy
We’re thrilled to be working with Samara on this special resource not just for the upcoming election, but to be used in our collective work. Nonprofits can, and should be, part of democratic engagement in between elections, too.

Read on for more of the story, plus get other handy resources. Helpful for your Board of Directors, Executive Directors, volunteers and other community builders!

Share it, post it, print it.

Sample tweets and posts

Nonprofits step up for #elxn42. Nonprofits make democracy stronger. Vibrant democracy = thriving communities. http://bit.ly/1J27VEn

Nonprofits enable democracy! @[organizationl handle] is a proud supporter of democracy  http://bit.ly/1J27VEn #elxn42  #nfp4democracy

(e.g.  Nonprofits enable democracy! @SamaraCda is a proud supporter of democracy  http://bit.ly/1J27VEn #elxn42)

Here are 6 ways nonprofits can strengthen democracy: http://bit.ly/1J27VEn #nfp4democracy #elxn42

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