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                   March 2, 2017                                                                


Why it pays to be an ONN member. 

Harness the sector’s group buying power and get exclusive access to our nonprofit insurance program. We've got tips, resources, and services to help you get your work done, manage the year-end buying crunch, and keep your nonprofit, employees, board, and volunteers covered.

Buy smarter.

Managing the Year-End Buying Crunch

As we approach the year-end for many nonprofits, you may be feeling the pinch of limited resources - time, staff or funding… likely all three! We’re here to help.

Check out this fresh blog post from David Rourke of RTPS, our partners on the ONN Purchasing Program.

Quick tips to help you with the challenge of spending funds before the March 31 budget deadline:

  • Understand your Policy Requirements

  • Stay True to Your Standards

  • Be Creative; Consider Options

  • Get Support

  • Better Yet! Become an ONN Member

Upcoming Webinar

Webinar header - Good Purchasing.png

Join David Rourke, ONN’s Purchasing Program partner for this FREE webinar on March 22 to learn:

  • How to identify and prioritize hidden improvement opportunities

  • How to plan and manage improvement projects to capture all available benefits

  • How to maximize results while adhering to good governance and best practice procedures

  • How to track and capture the ripple effects of good purchasing practices

Strength in numbers.

Put the sector’s $30 billion group buying power to work for you

Group Buying & Office Supplies

What’s in it for you?

We put the sector’s $30 billion group buying power to work for you.

  • Save time: Ditch the hassle of finding reliable, quality suppliers

  • Save money: Like, we’re talking up to 85% off of office supplies & more

  • Buy smarter: Get strategies to make your budget go further

Employee Benefits

What’s in it for you?

Invest in your team with plans created for nonprofits by nonprofits.

  • Affordable: Harness the sector’s group buying power

  • Flexible: You choose the coverage you need

  • Reliable: Pooled benefits keep premiums stable

Save Money: Last year, we launched new supplier solutions for both Employee Benefits and Office Supplies spending. These supplier deals allow nonprofit organizations access to pricing and other benefits that are only available thanks to the collective strength of our sector.

Save Time: The group supplier deals will save you more than money. These agreements were professionally sourced and negotiated with our partners at Round Table Procurement Services (RTPS). Along with RTPS and a selection team of leaders from across our sector, we spent months selecting, negotiating and refining these deals through a thorough and transparent process…so you don’t have to! We even made sure the selection process was compliant with the Ontario Government’s BPS Procurement Directive.

Avoid Stress: Are you struggling with a difficult supplier? Have a contract you’d like to better understand or even get out of? Getting pressure from your board or funders to review your spending practices? The ONN Purchasing Program and RTPS can help so you can get back to chaning the world. Let’s talk: onnpp@rtps.ca or 1-877-742-9776.

Have Your Say: We’re not stopping with solutions for Employee Benefits and Office Supplies. There are many more supplier deals to come! Next up are searches for Cellular Phones and Printed Materials suppliers.

Would you like to have a say in the supplier selection process? Do you have a strong interest or experience in either of these areas? We’re looking for volunteers from around the sector to participate in the supplier selection teams. If you’re interested and would like to know more contact onnpp@rtps.ca and let your voice be heard!

More About the ONN Purchasing Program

The ONN Purchasing Program is a partnership between ONN and Round Table Procurement Services (RTPS). It was created to provide nonprofits with strategies, tools, and programs to help organizations save time and money, and to help simplify their buying decisions, while exploring opportunities for group savings. 

Nonprofit-tailored coverage at the best rates.

Nonprofit Insurance

Directors & Officers Liability and Home & Auto

What’s in it for you?

We’ve done our homework to offer you the best rates & unique coverage.

  • Customized: Save over 30% on plans tailored for your organization

  • Accessible: ONN members are automatically approved for the program

  • Comprehensive: Coverage for ALL types of nonprofit organizations

A Refresher: Why Directors & Officers Liability Insurance is important for your organization

Directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance should top your organization’s list when it comes to a risk management strategy that lets you sleep at night. It not only provides financial protection for directors and officers but also extends this same coverage to protect employees, volunteers, committee members, trustees and the organization itself. What’s more, coverage for nonprofits goes far beyond conventional exposures under standard D&O liability to cover employment practices, personal liability and other commercial risks.

And don’t forget that D&O liability coverage is critical for attracting and retaining qualified and motivated directors and officers.

What does a D&O policy cover?

D&O liability policies provide personal financial protection for directors and officers in claims alleging wrongful management acts while performing their duties.

Wrongful acts might include actual or alleged errors, omissions, misleading statements, and neglect or breach of duty on the part of the board of directors and other insured persons.  

It is important to note that many claims are unjustified. The value of the D&O coverage in these cases is providing the resources to defend the board.

D&O coverage includes a host of employment practices and other potential exposures, such as wrongful dismissal, financial mismanagement, defense costs, and more.

Nonprofit organizations often have limited resources to indemnify directors and officers or respond to expensive litigation, settlements or damage awards. Where no indemnification or only partial indemnification is available, the personal assets of directors and officers are at risk, as well as those of the entity itself. Directors and officers liability coverage is a critical component of the overall insurance protection package for all nonprofit organizations.

Who is covered?

D&O insurance protects individual directors and officers when they are sued individually or jointly. As mentioned earlier, D&O policies usually cover not only directors and officers, but the nonprofit itself (the entity), employees and other volunteers. However, never assume that this is the case. Always ask your broker or agent and review the exact wording of your coverage with him/her.

What doesn’t a D&O policy cover?

D&O policies don’t cover everything a nonprofit board could get sued for. Certain liabilities imposed by legislation, such as failure to remit taxes, CPP or UI for employees or for remitting the G.S.T. are not covered under a typical D&O policy.  

Why choose the ONN insurance program with HUB International?

In partnership with HUB International and Northbridge Insurance, we’ve put in the work to create a comprehensive and cost-effective policy, tailored specifically for nonprofit needs, and available exclusively to ONN members.  

Get in touch!

Steve Primiani



Group insurance for nonprofit employees: The ONN Group Home and Auto Insurance Program

For insurance to really work it has to be relevant to the way you live and work. We’ve done all the homework to offer an exclusive group home and auto insurance program, designed specifically for nonprofit employees. Our awesome partners at HUB provide the guidance and support you need to navigate the unique complexities of your world.

There’s no cost to participate for ONN members and no administrative duties. It’s a great addition to your benefits plan and enrollment is voluntary.

The ONN Group Home and Auto Insurance Program, underwritten by Aviva Traders, provides ONN members and their employees with access to exclusive group rates and benefits.

Types of Insurance

  • Auto

  • Home/Condo

  • Renters

  • Cottage

  • Boat

  • Recreational Vehicles

  • Trailers/Seasonal Homes

  • Motorcycle

Benefits & Features

  • Exceptional savings of 10% off Property and 15% off Auto

  • Wide array of discounts, including: Multi-vehicle, combined home & auto, student away at school, claims free, mortgage free, smoke free

  • No monthly service fee

  • Spouse and dependants eligible

  • 24/7 claims assistance

  • Access to the HALO Assistance Program: Free & unlimited telephone assistance services for legal, health, home repair, real estate and mortgage assistance

  • Green Assure Enhancement: In the event of a claim, replaces property with energy efficient and environmentally-friendly products

Spotlight on Renter’s Insurance

Renter's Insurance

Even if you choose to rent instead of buy, it’s important to have insurance that protects your assets. A landlord’s insurance policy covers them and their property, not yours.

Have you considered the value of your belongings? It can be surprising how much it adds up to. We’ve broken down the value of a one bedroom apartment to give you an idea of the value of your contents (this is an approximation on the average cost of furnishings and contents).

Would You Risk Losing $28,300?

Renter's Insurance

Renter's Insurance

Renter's Insurance

Renter's Insurance

Renter's Insurance

What would you do to replace $28,300 if you weren’t insured? Renter’s insurance provides you with the peace of mind to know that you are covered if an unfortunate accident happens. On average, renter’s insurance costs between $15 to $30 a month - it’s a small investment that protects you in a big way. It also covers you in the event of a lawsuit or if someone is injured in your apartment.

Bonus: Most renter’s turn into buyers, so having built up an insurance history will benefit you in the long run when you convert to a homeowners insurance package. It also provides a discount on your auto policy when you bundle them together for additional savings.

HUB and their dedicated sales and service team can discuss your options for a Renter’s Insurance policy and tailor it to meet your needs and protect your future.

Protect the things that matter the most.

Get in touch!

HUB’s Group Home & Auto team



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