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            August 1, 2017                                                                                                

We’re thrilled to release our new labour force report:

Leading our Future: Leadership Competencies for Ontario’s Nonprofit Sector

From this research project, we identify major shifts and barriers in the nonprofit environment affecting future leadership and key recommendations at three levels to address leadership skills and development gaps.  

The report outlines the seven competencies nonprofit leaders and organizations will need to respond to these shifts and opportunities in the next two decades.

Whether you are a senior leader or Board member leading your organization into the future, work in HR, or are developing your career in the sector, this report is for you!

This work is part of ONN’s ongoing work to develop a culture of labour market planning in the sector. Leadership has been identified as a cross-cutting issue nonprofits face and can work on together.

Thank you to our authors and research team: Peter Clutterbuck, PC Human Resources, and Caryl Arundel, Caryl Arundel and Associates.

Thank you as well to the ONN Leadership Competencies Advisory Group for their important role guiding and shaping this research and report. We also want to acknowledge focus group and key informant participants of this research, and the many sector leaders who have participated in and supported our labour force work.

ONN is grateful to United Way Toronto & York Region for supporting development of this report.

What shifts and barriers resonate with your organization?

What solutions will you advocate for?

Share your promising practices for leadership and development.

sarah@theonn.ca  | @o_n_n

How can you use this report and resources?

ONN operates on a Creative Commons licence for its work, and a philosophy that sharing promising practices and resources makes our sector stronger. So, feel free to use information, resources, or key parts that resonate with your work. We just ask that you credit Ontario Nonprofit Network, with a link to the work: theonn.ca/leadership

Want to dig in more? Join us at Nonprofit Driven!

We’ll be exploring the report and next steps to put it into action at a breakout session at ONN’s annual conference on November 9. Get your spot!

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