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                   June 28, 2017                                                                


We’ve got more stimulating content to dig your nonprofit teeth into and support your policy and sector-building work: announcing stellar sessions and speakers just added to Nonprofit Driven 2017.

Get involved in setting the framework for a national social innovation and social finance strategy.

Build your team and organization’s pensions literacy to help make a sector-wide plan a reality. Explore how we can reinvent local economies so they are are inclusive and sustainable for all.

Read on for more exciting details!

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Coming from out of town? We are eager to support your travel and stay with up to 75% of travel and hotel costs covered for ONN members. Get prepared while travel seats and hotel rooms are still available. Fall availability sells out fast!


Champions for an inclusive and sustainable economy

In Quebec and some European countries, nonprofits and social enterprises make up such a large part of the economy they are recognized as their own economic sector. With Ontario communities facing major issues like precarious work, growing inequality, and climate change, how can the nonprofit sector re-invent local economies and keep more wealth in communities? Hear inspiring real-world examples of how nonprofits use their collective clout to spark profound changes in economies, providing sustainable livelihoods and shifting to economic models that include everyone. Add your ideas to scale up this game-changing movement.

Speaker: To be announced.

Social innovation and social finance: nonprofits steering a strategic approach

A federal social innovation and social finance strategy is in the works for the 2018 federal budget and beyond. This will include social enterprise and public procurement, and potential changes to how the sector can earn income. Get a first-hand look at the draft strategy and respond directly. What happens federally may influence what happens at the provincial level, so this is a key opportunity for the nonprofit sector to provide strategic input.

Speaker: David Lepage, Buy Social Canada, and steering group member of the Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy

Building a pensions-savvy nonprofit sector

Nonprofit workers and employers will need strong pensions literacy to make good decisions about supporting retirement income security in our sector. We'll also need literacy as a foundation to participate meaningfully and work together in building a sector-driven pension plan. Learn more about these essential building blocks and explore next steps in a pension plan for Ontario's nonprofit sector.

Speaker: Michael Kainer, Co-Chair, ONN Pensions Task Force and retired lawyer

Check out all of the speakers and sessions announced to date!

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Connect with nonprofit sector leaders, community builders, and influencers. Fuel the platform that sparks strategic discussions and actions to move our sector forward. Drive a province-wide event that exists to build a healthy and resilient nonprofit sector. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities to connect your services and products that support Ontario’s nonprofits and charities.

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United Way Toronto & York Region is a charity dedicated to creating opportunities for a better life for everyone – from the waterfront of downtown Toronto to the southern shore of Lake Simcoe. United Way and ONN have a long standing partnership working together on social policy, initiatives and projects to support and help the nonprofit sector. For more information, visit unitedwaytyr.com or follow us on Twitter @unitedwaytyr.



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What’s possible for Ontario’s nonprofit sector working together? ONN’s Nonprofit Driven 2017 is the platform for a sector-wide, province-wide opportunity for strategy and change. It will feature all new content, addressing fresh questions and opportunities, and building on positive change for Ontario’s nonprofits and charities. November 9, 2017: http://nonprofitdriven.ca

More than ever, as a united sector with our shared experience, skills and capacity, Ontario nonprofits and charities can be the leaders and allies our communities need. What are we already doing that we can build on? Explore the issues and trends facing communities at ONN’s Nonprofit Driven 2017 on November 9, 2017 http://nonprofitdriven.ca


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