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Thursday, November 20, 2014                                                                        

With over 600,00 employees and representing 2.6% of Ontario's GDP, the nonprofit sector is a major contributor to the province's economic growth. Paid workers, like volunteers, drive community-building work. A key part of strengthening Ontario’s nonprofit sector is strengthening its labour force.

ONN has been collaborating with other organizations on a sector-wide strategy to address labour force related issues. Our goal? To develop a culture of labour market planning in the sector.

Last year, we released results of the first phase of this work, after a province-wide survey to gather vital data on the state of the sector. We identified that leadership is a key cross-cutting issue which nonprofits can best work on together. 

We’re now in the next phase to broaden our understanding of who is working collaboratively on labour force initiatives in the sector, and beyond.

We know there is inspiring work being done- maybe by you- and we’re eager to hear more about it!

Get involved in this sector-building work

1. Take 5 minutes for “A Snapshot: Labour Force Collaboration” 

Are you interested in sharing your collective work for Ontario’s nonprofit labour force ?

Maybe it’s work related to recruitment, retention, leadership or staff development, succession planning, or something else. Tell us about it!

We’re looking for organizations and groups working together on labour force initiatives to showcase examples of this work, map what’s happening, and inject these findings into discussions for the structural support needed to strengthen Ontario’s nonprofit labour force! Click here: https://theonn.wufoo.com/forms/a-snapshot-labour-force-collaboration/

Who might be interested? Please share widely with your Executive Director, human resource colleagues and those working on labour force initiatives.

BONUS: Win 1 of 2 free passes to ONN Conference 2015!

You’ve already got your eye on inspiring examples of collaboration and innovation in the nonprofit sector. Now here’s your chance to win a free pass and join over 400 nonprofit leaders and thinkers sharing big picture ideas and strategy to strengthen Ontario’s nonprofit sector. Complete the snapshot by December 11 to be entered.

2. Get the latest updates and news and connect to others in this work!

ONN Labour Force News Flash

Join this brand new mailing list. We’ll be sharing news, data, policy work, showcase examples and more, specifically on collaborative labour force work. Plus, we’re planning a Knowledge Exchange event in 2015 to highlight our findings and some of the showcases we uncover. Click here to join this province-wide group: https://theonn.wufoo.com/forms/subscribe-to-onn-labour-force-news/


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