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 Thursday, September 17, 2015                                                                                 

Our brand new evaluation graphic

Evaluation is about so much more than merely justifying how dollars are spent. It is a valuable tool that helps to make nonprofit work better through reflection, analysis and learning. However, to make the most of an evaluation, the perspectives of the different stakeholders involved must be considered in order to build collective understanding of the problem, process, and purpose of what is being evaluated.

New blog post! Simple tips for communicating about impact - Part 1
Andrew Taylor, our resident evaluation expert from Taylor Newberry Consulting, shares a few tips in this new blog post:

As we work on the development of a Sector Driven Evaluation Strategy, we have learned that one of the tricks to succeeding at outcome evaluation happens before you even get to the stage of designing surveys or completing reports. One of the first steps in measuring impact is getting into the habit of talking about your work in impact language. This blog offers a few simple tips that might be helpful, even if you don’t have a lot of impact data yet. Read more.

More resources on evaluation

We’d like to thank those who passed along resources to us — keep them coming! As a result, we’re starting to build up a list of evaluation resources for our website. Below are a few more to check out:

Evaluation Sessions at ONN Conference 2015! Register today

Creating a Plan for Sector-Driven Evidence and Evaluation
In this session, we’ll cover ONN’s work on a sector-driven evaluation strategy. We’ll also share ideas we’re using to develop the strategy, and are looking for your feedback as we shape a sector-driven approach in the coming year, to make sure it responds to the realities of sub-sectors and regions throughout Ontario.

Evidence for Everyone: Ways to Make Evaluation Work For Your Nonprofit
In this session, hear from creative nonprofit umbrella groups that have made practical changes in the way they collect and use evidence. Get a sense of how to use data to inform your organization’s evaluation, create a learning culture to help use it and work with other organizations to get the evidence you need to drive your work forward. Meet and share ideas with others working on this sector challenge.

News from our friends

Nonprofit Leaders: Join an EvalU Boot Camp and Foster a Culture of Learning and Innovation
Capacity Canada wants to help your nonprofit be more courageous, adaptive, and impactful by harnessing the power of strategic learning. Leading evaluation experts and coaches will facilitate this hands-on boot camp to empower you to tackle some of your toughest and most complex social and organizational challenges.
Sign up for a Boot Camp near you:

For more information go to: www.capacitycanada.ca/evalu or contact Julia Coburn, Evaluation Coordinator at julia@capacitycanada.ca

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Developing a sector driven evaluation strategy, along with policy analysis and advocacy, is what ONN proudly does with- and for- Ontario’s 55,000 nonprofits.
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