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          January 21, 2016                                                                                                              

Updates From Our Evaluation Project

New Release! Our Evaluation Literature Review Report

We are happy to share with you our Evaluation Literature Review report, as part of our work to develop a Sector Driven Evaluation Strategy. The report delves into some of the systemic issues of evaluation in the nonprofit sector. It is intended to help us begin to unpack this big, complex, and sometimes emotional evaluation discussion.

Though evaluation has the potential to help nonprofits achieve their goals, we know there can be a great deal of frustration surrounding it. As such, we needed to understand more clearly the expectations that people have for evaluation, the conditions under which evaluation is most likely to be useful, and the mistakes to avoid.

Going forward, we’ll use this research to help us develop the products and ideas that will eventually make up the Sector Driven Evaluation Strategy. Happy reading!


At each stage of development, we’ll also continue to seek your feedback to help us make this work relevant to the sector.

This report serves as a first step in our work and we welcome your feedback. Help shape our future efforts by providing us with any thoughts you may have. We’d love to hear from you.


By Tom Zizys

“When it comes to making a point, numbers have a special appeal, no doubt because they appear to offer objective neutrality. But the accumulation of numbers, the use of data, often merely approximates truth, offering “data-ness” as the numerical equivalence of truthiness.”

More About ONN’s Evaluation Project

Our aim with this project is to help negotiate the current landscape while highlighting the ways in which evaluation can be most effective and prove valuable to nonprofits, communities, funders and other stakeholders.

Let’s work together to make evaluation less about paperwork and more about gaining insights that can drive action and impact.

A Few Useful Evaluation Resources:

Evaluation issue from the Canadian Government Executive magazine

Reconsidering Evidence: What It Means and How We Use It

Stop (Just) Measuring Impact, Start Evaluating

Got something you want to share with us? Let us know.


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