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            July 26, 2016                                                                                                               

We've got some great new resources from our work on a Sector Driven Evaluation Strategy. Check out our new blog posts, comic, conference sessions, and more below!

New Blog: What We Learned From Talking to Funders

In recent months, we’ve been talking with funders (including private foundations, public foundations and funders, government, and corporate funders) about evaluation. During our conversations, we gained insight into the obstacles that funders must overcome in order to change their practices. Understanding these challenges may be one of the keys to building an evaluation strategy that is truly sector driven and action focused.

New Comic: Oranges to Apples - Measuring What Counts

With two comics done, we naturally felt that our third comic should focus on fruit. Indeed, as we note in the first frame, fruit is part of a healthy community. Yet, as with all our comics, this one has many layers…

Evaluation sessions at Nonprofit Driven 2016 | ONN conference

ONN’s Nonprofit Driven is a chance to connect, learn, and strategize with leaders from across the province on policy issues vital to building a strong and resilient nonprofit sector in Ontario. Join us for these great evaluation sessions and many more. Learn more and register today!

We’re in the driver’s seat: The future of evaluation

Our sector can shift evaluation so that it addresses questions that matter to nonprofits. We can create a system that makes it easier and more rewarding for organizations to do meaningful evaluation work as true partners with our funders. This panel will discuss what steps we need to take to make this a reality. Explore how to rethink evaluation as a tool that is truly useful to our work, leads to action, and helps us better serve our communities.

Negotiating your way to better evaluation

Evaluation can lead to meaningful action when there is trust and collaboration between partners and a focus on learning. However, it’s not always easy to have these conversations particularly with funders. Learn and participate in different scenarios that highlight how to engage in a conversation and how to ask more strategic questions.

ICYMI: Evaluations that Work: What the Nonprofit Sector Can Learn from ONN and Vibrant Communities Webinar

Evaluations “work” when they lead to insight and action. We all know that the process can be resource-intensive, so it is important for us to maximize the probability of getting it right! In this June 22 webinar, ONN and Tamarack’s Vibrant Communities Canada unpacked real-life stories from Cities Reducing Poverty members to identify cases where evaluation worked really well. Together we identified how they achieved exceptional success, and top takeaway points for the nonprofit sector.

Check out the webinar recording & resources.

More Great Resources

What do we mean by ‘impact’? - a blog post on the language of impact
Balancing act: A guide to proportionate evaluation - a guide is to help you think through what proportionate and meaningful evaluation design looks like

Data Spark - an impact-level evaluation platform created for and by community-based girls’ programmers.

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