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                August 21, 2016                                                                

As part of ONN’s focus to build a decent work movement across Ontario’s nonprofit sector, we know our workforce faces job precarity and insecurity, lack of access to benefits and pensions, underinvestment in training and development and uncompetitive wages in the sector.

We also know that women make up approximately 80% of Ontario’s nonprofit labour force. So, how do these factors impact women workers differently? And what about the specific experiences of Indigenous, marginalized and racialized women working in the sector?

Given these critical intersections between work, the nonprofit sector and women, it’s time to develop a deeper understanding of the role(s) women play in Ontario’s nonprofit sector.

ONN is proud to embark on a three-year project funded by the Status of Women Canada that will apply a GBA+ lens (gender based intersectional analysis) to:

  1. Identify barriers to women workers’ economic empowerment and prosperity in the nonprofit sector

  2. Develop and implement pilot solutions to address these barriers at the organizational, network and policy levels

Who’s involved?

The project will be informed by an advisory council of diverse members, three leaders in the sector from Status of Women Canada’s pan-Canadian Network of women leaders, project partners and relevant local, provincial and national stakeholders.

What’s happening?

Key activities include a literature review, focus groups and a survey, prioritizing barriers and themes and piloting and implementing collaborative strategies for change.

Why now?

The project is timely- there are larger conversations on gender equity in public policy happening at both the federal and provincial levels, which we hope to leverage to strengthen the Ontario nonprofit sector.

A special launch

ONN was delighted to host Status of Women Canada at Foundation House last week for the announcement of local projects advancing gender equality in Canada. It was a pleasure meeting with the Honourable Maryam Monsef, Minister of Status of Women and her staff alongside inspiring women leaders from the sector. It was a packed house (in mid-August!) with many leaders and supporters.

The press conference included a panel of five diverse women leaders connected to various projects being funded by Status of Women Canada in the Greater Toronto area. The panelists shared valuable insights into moving the needle on women’s issues in Canada. ONN looks forward to staying connected with these leaders and other projects in our collective work on gender equality across Ontario and Canada.

(l to r) Minister Monsef addressing guests; Minister Monsef with ONN's Cathy Taylor, Executive Director, Pamela Uppal, Coordinator, Decent work for women women in the sector, and Monina Febria, Decent Work Project Lead; panel discussion with leaders from five funded projects.

Check out more photos from the event.

How can you get involved?

  • Join us in the conversation and spread the word!

Subscribe to our listserve to get the latest updates on our work. You can also follow us and our hashtags on social media: #decentwork4women #NFPworkingwomen #ONnonprofit.

  • Share your insights

Connect with us to share information and resources and take part in our upcoming focus groups and survey. http://theonn.ca/our-work/our-people/decent-work-women/

Pamela Uppal, Project Coordinator  |  416-642-5786 x 504  |  pamela@theonn.ca

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Women make up 80% of Ontario’s #nonprofit labour force. It’s time to Identify barriers to their economic empowerment and prosperity: http://bit.ly/2v8eDFd #decentwork4women

Women make up 80% of Ontario’s #nonprofit labour force. With precarious work, lack of access to benefits and pensions, underinvestment in training and development and uncompetitive wages in the sector, it’s time to develop a deeper understanding of the impact on women in Ontario’s nonprofit sector. A new project to strengthen the economic empowerment of women workers: http://bit.ly/2v8eDFd

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