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                   April 12, 2017                                                                



Together with over 20 small businesses and nonprofits in Ontario, ONN is proud to be a part of the Better Way Alliance, a group of Ontario employers championing decent work practices such as fair wages, stable employment and paid sick days. The Alliance believes there is a better way to build the economy and members are sharing their stories of how decent work practices are making a difference in their organizations and their communities. There’s been lots of buzz from the launch in media outlets and on social media. The website features videos, stories, and resources.


ONN is championing a decent work movement for good working conditions for everyone across Ontario. Decent work will allow organizations to achieve their missions because investing in our workforce ultimately saves time and money. According to the Centre for Nonprofit Management, to replace employees it costs employers on average 20% of the annual salary for entry to mid-level positions, and up to 213% of the annual salary for highly educated executive positions.

We have begun the second phase of the decent work movement and believe that together with our network and allies, we can develop a shared understanding of what decent work is and how it can be measured.

How can you be an ally for decent work?

  • Join us in the conversation:

Join the Decent Work conversation on social media using the hashtag #DecentWork #UpwardSpiral & share your stories with us: monina@theonn.ca | Facebook page @BetterWayOnt

  • Highlight good job strategies that you encounter and tell us what decent work looks like in your workplace

Check out some practices already taking place in the sector. Are there some promising practices in your workplace? We want to hear about them! Share them with us: monina@thonn.ca

  • Join the Better Way Alliance

Join the Alliance at http://betterwayalliance.ca/ and share key messages with your networks

  • Share your stories of decent work with local media in your area

  • Share your commitment to decent work with your local MPP

Contact your local MPP and share your practices and commitment to decent work. Ensure that decent work is part of the political agenda.

Sample social media posts

As #OnPoli employers, we know a commitment to #decentwork makes good economic sense. Hear our stories: http://betterwayalliance.ca/  #UpwardSpiral

Ontario employers can help create #decentwork environments. Hear their stories: http://betterwayalliance.ca/ #ONpoli #UpwardSpiral

#DecentWork creates pathways out of poverty & an #UpwardSpiral for the entire #OnPoli economy. Learn more at http://betterwayalliance.ca/

Check out the growing number of Canadian employers making the business case for #DecentWork. http://betterwayalliance.ca/ #OnPoli


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