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                   October 13, 2017                                                                


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Nonprofit Driven is just 4 weeks away and we are thrilled to announce our speaker lineup and share the agendas so you can plan your 2 days of public policy, networking, connecting and movement building!

Access hands-on learning and policy briefings at Fundamentals, November 8

Connect and help strengthen policy across our sector at Nonprofit Driven, November 9


Here’s a sampling of the fantastic speaker lineup this year:


Chanel Grenaway

Chanel Grenaway & Associates

Pamela Uppal

Ontario Nonprofit Network


Paul Nazareth


Franca Gucciardi

Loran Scholars Foundation

Alan Broadbent

Avana Capital Corporation

Hilary Pearson

Philanthropic Foundations Canada

Bruce MacDonald

Imagine Canada

Pedro Barata

United Way Toronto & York Region


Monina Febria

Ontario Nonprofit Network

Michael Kainer

Filmmaker and retired lawyer


Betty Ferreira

ReStructure Consulting

Stephanie Pronk

Social Enterprise Institute

David Lepage

Buy Social Canada

Liz Rykert

Meta Strategies

Louise Logan

Logan & Associates Inc.

Brad Offman

Spire Philanthropy

Rani Sanderson

StoryCentre Canada

It pays to attend both days!

A complete professional development opportunity

Hone your Fundamentals Day skills and support policy movement on Nonprofit Driven Main Day to strengthen Ontario’s nonprofit sector. Only $245 for two full days of professional development and key networking!

Can’t make it to both days? You can register for single days too:

Staying over? Don’t delay in booking your hotel!

If you’re coming from out of town, as 40% of our Nonprofit Driven audience does, make sure you’ve got a room by booking today. We recommend two hotels for out-of-town guests: the Gladstone Hotel and the Hyatt Regency Toronto. Please note: these are recommendations and we do not offer preferred rates. You can book directly via the websites or phone numbers below; you do not need a code.

Learn more about our travel subsidy of up to 75% coverage for travel and accommodation.

Nonprofit Driven Sponsors

Presenting Sponsor


Lead Sponsor

Fundamentals Presenting Sponsor



Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

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Silver Sponsors



Interested in joining these great partners?

Sponsor Nonprofit Driven 2017!

Connect with nonprofit sector leaders, community builders, and influencers. Fuel the platform that sparks strategic discussions and actions to move our sector forward. Drive a province-wide event that exists to build a healthy and resilient nonprofit sector. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities to connect your services and products that support Ontario’s nonprofits and charities.


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