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Monday, November 3, 2014                                                                    


Thank you for joining us for ONN “Emerging Strategies”! The goal was to connect nonprofits and charities on the latest policy and network strategies happening across the sector- getting inspiration from the power of change happening here and outside the province. 

We’re thrilled that over 400 nonprofit sector leaders gathered to explore ways we can collectively strengthen the nonprofit sector. This was our biggest conference yet, with the most diverse contingent of sector colleagues from all around Ontario. Thanks for making the trip! 

We looked at what’s happening in the sector, and inspected what’s impacting the systems in which we work- economic, social, government and more. The wide range of topics reflected the central role nonprofits and charities play in our communities, and the need for us to be strategic and active in how we help shape systems for the public good.  

We hope this was a useful platform for critical thinking and exploration of trends, issues and opportunities that could be taken back to your organizations, networks and communities and put into practice. Thank you for bringing thoughtful questions and perspectives to help build the capacity of the sector to shape and strengthen systems and policy change.

It was great to have our government and corporate partners join us as well, as we share information and work across all three sectors for thriving communities.

People were buzzing about topics and ideas both at the venue, and also online, once again making the Conference trend across Canada.

Here are resources from the day

Our fantastic roster of presenters from around Ontario, Canada and Australia shared their expertise and strategic thinking on a range of topics from leveraging data for policy change, creating new economics, movement building, to a new sector-government relations approach. More video clips coming soon.

See the videos Minister Deb Matthews, Deputy Premier of Ontario, Treasury Board President and Minister Responsible for Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy, and Minister Michael Chan, Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade, help set the stage for big picture reflection, highlighting the impact of the sector on the province and the central role we play. Their remarks also sparked interesting discussions in challenging us to to be proactive about changing times for the sector and communities.

3 Ideas to Start the Day: Three of ONN’s Board members presented sector snapshots to help ground our thinking for the day with Network Leadership, the Power of the Nonprofit Sector, and The Case for Public Benefit Nonprofits. Check out these snappy 5 minute presentations- and feel free to share widely.

See it in pictures 

Check out the online photo gallery capturing the day, including a 400-person selfie (try that Ellen!), and the outstanding work of Ontario artists in our one-of-a-kind “Communal Landscapes” exhibition, with partner Manifesto Community Projects and Athena Malamas.

Next steps & three things to watch for

It was a day for big picture thinking about how we can make systemic change together for our communities. We hope you’ve been able to put some of this work into practice already.

One key area that’s evolving for the sector is investment: investment in ourselves, government investment in the sector, and how investment is leveraged, both by nonprofits in how we buy, as well as how the province spends. Here are three areas that will be priorities for ONN in terms of this strategic work for the sector:

  1. Purchasing: Following two years of leadership work by ONN to explore how to harness the buying power of the sector, ONN is working on a sector-wide strategy to support and strengthen the way nonprofits manage purchasing activities. More info: Power of Purchasing
  1. Social procurement: ONN is exploring how the sector spends and prioritizes so that nonprofits buy from other nonprofits wherever possible. And we’re supporting public policy for Ontario Government spending so there is direct social benefit to Ontarians when spending public dollars (e.g. buying from nonprofit social enterprises or job/training opportunities for youth and vulnerable workers in infrastructure projects). More info: ONN’s 2014 Pre-Budget Submission
  1. Unclaimed properties: There’s a unique opportunity for “unclaimed properties”, that is insurance policies, bank accounts, pension benefits and more which can’t be reunited with their owners, to be invested into communities through the nonprofit sector. Estimates of the total value are in the billions of dollars. British Columbia and Alberta have successful models and ONN is advocating for a made-in Ontario solution, especially timely given the Ontario Government’s focus on eliminating the deficit by 2017/18. More info: ONN’s 2014 Pre-Budget Submission  

Staying connected

We want to keep our connection and the discussions going. ONN is your network! Some ways to stay involved:

Special thanks

We’re honoured to have had such a distinguished roster of speakers and contributions. Our amazing event volunteers shone again, reflecting their enthusiasm and dedication to the sector. We're grateful to our diverse group of generous sponsors who helped make the Conference possible:







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